Activities in the vicinity of BOVCA

Emerald River Soca in an adrenaline-filled way

Only a few regions offer as many different opportunities for sports activities in the summer time as there is on Bovšek. Tourists can enjoy all dimensions, such as activities on the Soča River, hiking and cycling.

World famous emerald river Soča the adrenaline way!
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Rafting on the emerald waves of the Soča River is a unique experience for all generations. For years, it has been offering a great deal of fun and adrenaline, a wonderful view of nature and creating unforgettable memories. The price already includes a discount, transportation, a licensed guide and all the necessary equipment.


Canyoning or canyoning is an activity suitable for adrenaline lovers. In the natural water park, you will overcome many waterfalls and natural slides. The price already includes a discount, transportation, a licensed guide and all the necessary equipment.

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Zipline Kanin / Učja

Experience an unforgettable descent on the best ziplines in Europe. Zipline Učja offers a descent in the picturesque canyon of Učja and with 10 steel lines, it provides a lot of fun and adrenaline. Zipline Kanin is located in the corner of the Kanina and Rombona valleys. With 5 long steel windows, it offers beautiful views of the Bovška basin and an unforgettable experience. For reservations of the mentioned ziplines, please contact us!


There are many hiking trails in Bovec that offer different levels of difficulty and wonderful views of the Julian Alps. If you are more adventurous, you can try hiking to the top of Kanina, which is the highest peak in the Julian Alps with a height of 2,587 meters. We definitely recommend Krnska Jezera as an easier hike, and Svinjak peak or Rombon for a more difficult hike.


Cycling routes of various levels of difficulty are led along the most beautiful corners of Bovec. Road and mountain biking, as well as the diverse landscape, also provide cycling routes for families as well as for the most demanding mountain bikers.