SIGHTS OF SIGHTS in the vicinity of BOVEC

Mangart saddle

The road to Mangartska sedlo is the highest road in our country and ends at an altitude of 2055 meters (now a little lower due to renovation). A 12-kilometer winding road takes you to the top, which also leads through five tunnels carved into the rock. Driving is a real experience, because while driving, more and more beautiful views open up to you. Fans of more challenging tours can go to Mangart, but beware, the route is demanding and requires suitable footwear, equipment and some mountaineering experience.

Kluža fortress

The image and purpose of the Kluža fortress has changed throughout history. It is located a good 3 km from Bovec, above the deep gorge of the Koritnica river. The Kluža fortress is one of the most visited cultural attractions in the Soča river valley, and at the same time it is an important monument of defense against Turkish invasions and attacks in the First World War. It is open every day between 10:00 and 18:00 (admission fee).

Boka waterfall

The Boka waterfall is known as the wateriest waterfall in Slovenia. With its 106 m, it is already visible from behind the wheel of a car from the road on the route Bovec - Kobarid. The view of the vertical rocky walls from which the Boka waterfall roars is a real feast for the eyes. You can see the waterfall from several points, but we recommend that you climb up to the viewpoint, which you can reach in ten minutes with a moderate and easy walk. If you want to see the waterfall from "closer", you can go even higher along the steep path, where you will have wonderful views of the waterfall and the Bovka valley.

Virje waterfall

Virje waterfall is an excellent place to visit and cool down on hot summer days. Shortly after the source, the Gljun stream creates a beautiful 20-meter-wide and 12-meter-high waterfall. On hot summer days, the waterfall with its turquoise pool invites you to cool down. The waterfall is located in the immediate vicinity of Bovec, and you can visit it by bike, on foot or by car (parking fee). It is a 5-minute easy walk from the parking lot to the waterfall, but if you go to the waterfall from Bovec (the lower station of the cable car), you will need a good hour's walk (2km).

The large troughs of the Soča River

One of the most beautiful corners in the vicinity of Bovec is undoubtedly the large Soča basin. The emerald pools of the Soča extend into a 750-meter-long, only a few-meter-wide and up to 15-meter-deep bed, which widens at the end and creates blue pools. You can leave your steel horse at the turnoff for Lepena and walk along the marked path along the troughs. Along the upper part of the troughs, at certain parts the path splits and takes you right above the troughs. The off-road terrain is a bit challenging, so caution is a must, as there is no protection anywhere. In the lower part of the riverbed, the Soča calms down and attracts visitors eager to cool off and jump.

Lake Rabel

In the east of Italy, right next to the Slovenian border, lies Lake Rabeljsko (Lago di Predil). The lake is a great place to cool off, relax or maybe even paddle during the hot summer months. On the lake, you can also rent a sup, kayak or pedolin.